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Laerdal Sustainability Awards

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Partner Sustainability Impact Awards

Honoring the sustainability practices and initiatives of our Partners

As part of our growing commitment to fostering long-term benefit across the globe, Laerdal will be highlighting our business partners who share our dedication.

We invite everyone who works in our supply chain to self-nominate any action they are taking to increase sustainability – combating climate change or engineering social reform. Our team, after reviewing and processing each submission, will spotlight awardees across various methods of sustainable actions.

The Awards

Nominees will be eligible for two awards in the following categories:

Environmental Protection Award

Award recognizing the partner who most excels at mitigating their company’s negative and detrimental influences on human-driven climate change.

Social Responsibility Award

Award highlighting the partner employing campaigns offering both long-term viability and discernible, positive influence on social conditions of all.

How to Apply:

1.    In a short email, detail how you are making a difference.

2.    In the subject line for the email, write the name of the award for which you wish to be considered

3.    Send your email to Laerdal before 31 March 2022


Winners and Honorable mentions will be
recognized at a virtual event in June 2022