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Laerdals rapport om bæredygtighed

Motiveret ved at hjælpe med at redde liv

Forpligtet til CO2 neutrale, cirkulære løsninger og overholdelse af FN's retningslinjer for menneskerettigheder og erhvervsliv i hele Laerdals forretning og forsyningskæde inden 2030.

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 Helping save lives

We are committed to achieving our goal of helping save one million more lives and doing so in a sustainable manner.

 A vision with action 

Based on the company mission and vision we have set bold sustainability goals for 2030 with clear actions year by year to assure delivery. 

 Measure to improve

All direct and indirect emissions generated as a result of our economic activity across the three emission scopes are measured in a proven, methodical manner. 


 Carbon neutral

Achieve a 70% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. Across; facilities, transport and travel, and supply chain. 
Offset any residual emissions.

 Circular solutions

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 
Design sustainability into new products, solutions, and sales models. We aim to use circular materials throughout the value chain. 

 Social responsibility

Implement UNGP and OECD guidelines throughout our supply chain and cascade to the next level from the largest suppliers.