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Simulation User Network

Tutki, verkostoidu ja opi


Simulation User Network (SUN)

Simulation User Network -tapahtumissa keskitytään oppimaan ja jakamaan uusia ja parhaita käytäntöjä simulaatio-ohjelmiin kaikilla terveydenhuollon alueilla. Tapahtumat ovat tyypillisesti työpajojen ja luentojen yhdistelmiä.

Tarjoaa mahdollisuuden:

  • Oppimiseen ja tiedon jakamiseen käytännön harjoitusten ja luentojen avulla
  • Parhaiden simulaatiokäytäntöjen kuulemiseen & oppimiseen alan asiantuntijoilta
  • Verkostoitumiseen kollegoiden ja asiantuntijoiden kanssa

SUN-tapahtumat on suunniteltu vastaamaan haasteisiisi, joita kohtaat käytännön simulaatioharjoitusten suunnittelussa ja toteuttamisessa. Tapahtumat tarjoavat hyvän tavan edistää simulaation käyttöä terveydenhuollossa.

Nordic SUN 8.-9.11.201 webinaaritallenteet

Debriefing and feedback – can we do a Maschup?

Lecture by Sofie Mundt and Camilla Ahrensbach

Watch the webinar recording on YouTube:

Pitfalls and challenges in Human Factors and simulation

Lecture by Patrik Nyström and Peter Dieckmann

Watch the webinar recording on YouTube:

Simulation based Learning after Covid-19

Lecture by Sigrun Anna Qvindesland and Peter Dieckmann

Watch the webinar recording on YouTube:

Digital Simulation and the challenges and added value this can unlock

Lecture by Andre Fangueiro and Simon Hartmann

Watch the webinar recording on YouTube:

Nordic SUN 4.-6.5.2021 webinaaritallenteet

Situation Box (SiT Box)

SiT Box is a training program designed to provide insight into how to resolve situations, the use of procedures and making decisions. You will experience how clinical "experts" would solve similar challenges or situations. You could work individually, or team up with a colleague and work your way through the case provided. 

This can be used for all types of health care professionals, it will give you cognitive training and reflection on how to resolve situations that may occur.

Watch on-demand webinar


A way to support learning and engagement in remote simulation

Planning and delivering training via remote simulation requires new ways of facilitation tactics to best support learning and actively engaging all learners.

Ultimate target is to provide an optimal learning experience both for simulation participants and learners observing the simulation.

Case Kajaani shows a few concrete examples on how it is possible to support learning in remote simulation.

Watch on-demand webinar here

TeamSTEPPS in a Danish setting

Effective teamwork in clinical settings is critical to maximizing patient safety and providing quality patient care. Incorporating teamwork strategies into the curriculum is an important step toward higher patient safety. 

The use of simulation has proven to be a powerful strategy in team-based health care. It provides education and practice for students learning to become better performing health care professionals.

This webinar describes how TeamSTEPPS training in simulation can improve student knowledge of TeamSTEPPS principles, self-efficacy toward interprofessional collaborative practice, and team performance.

Watch on-demand webinar here

How to prepare yourself for fast-track learning to care for Covid-19 patients

Prepare yourself - Hear how the educational units succeeded the fast-track learning to care for Covid-19 patients, at Perioperative Medicine and Intensive Care at Karolinska University Hospital.

Watch on-demand webinar here

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