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Debriefing and simulation management

Scalable, reliable & secure

Simulation and debriefing management

SimCapture allows you to effectively manage, record, and assess simulation training, both on-site and in-situ. Capture audio, video, annotations, patient monitors, and simulator data in a single web-based interface.

The solution enables medical schools, nursing schools, and hospitals to deliver high-quality training, education, and quality improvement programs.

Over 500 healthcare institutions in more than 35 countries use SimCapture to generate reports and statistics on performance and trends to improve administration, track usage, and learning outcomes. And, since SimCapture is mobile-friendly, you can do this anywhere and anytime.

Video-driven improvement

Small in size, big in impact

The SimCapture Node is a remarkably compact in-room solution that captures audio and video data from your simulation sessions. The data is automatically uploaded to the cloud, with unlimited storage and easy access for anyone in your organization.  

  • Small in size 
  • IP camera and webcam compatible 
  • Supports multiple audiovisual configurations
  • Rapid and affordable installation
  • Pro and Enterprise compatible

Mobile capture

Extend the reach of your SimCapture Pro platform by turning any iOS mobile phone or tablet into a capture and annotation device. Connect up to four mobile devices, and capture in-situ simulation sessions. Get immediate access and securely debrief from anywhere in the world. 


Comprehensive and portable 3 input capture system (laptop, cameras, mounts, and cable adapters included) in a compact and lightweight briefcase.

This is how SimCapture can help you

Nursing schools

Nursing schools

Focus on students instead of equipment. SimCapture responds to the needs of nursing schools' users at every level, including educators, sim and IT staff, and deans and administrators.

SimCapture is designed to automate the most tedious aspects of nursing simulation center management, allowing educators to focus on what's most important - their students.

Medical schools

Medical schools

SimCapture responds to the needs of medical schools' users at every level, including educators, simulation center and IT staff, and deans and administrators.

The system is built to streamline, automate, and manage OSCEs and team-based simulations while simultaneously tracking performance and simulation center usage. Powerful recording, debriefing, assessment, and portfolio tools make SimCapture a must have education tool for any medical school.



Hospitals that implement SimCapture creates a circle of patient safety that encompasses simulation labs, in-situ simulations, and in-situ events using the same tools to deliver consistent and data-driven feedback that directly and immediately impact a hospital's bottom line.


A Scalable Platform

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Ideal for new or smaller simulation centers seeking an affordable solution to record, debrief and track simulation learning. 


Pro features: 

  • Synchronized capture of multiple
    camera angles
  • Simulator data capture and visualization
  • Use your mobile device to record sessions and do debriefings
  • Medical device capture (EKG, Ultrasound, EMR)
  • Learner and faculty tracking and portfolios
  • Center sign-in directs and tracks users
  • Video annotation and session self-reflection
  • Debrief from anywhere using just a browser
  • Learner, faculty and facility usage reports
  • Customizable scenarios, roles, and permissions
  • Flexible and scalable - one room or many
  • Secure, mobile-friendly and cloud-based
  • Best-in-class training and support
  • Seamless upgrade path to Enterprise



For larger or more established simulation centers that need to manage, assess and report on departments, learners and events.  

All Pro features, plus:

  • Checklist builder and custom assessments
  • Courses and curriculum tracking
  • Robust suite of assessment and course performance reports
  • Scheduling and reservation request process
  • Resource tracking and reporting
  • Single Sign-On module

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The Central Control Module is ideal for standardized patient programs and inter-disciplinary simulation centers utilizing OSCEs that require large-scale workflow automation.

All Enterprise features, plus: 

  • Manage many rooms or floors at once
  • Get automated OSCE exam flows and extensive reports
  • Utilize integrated and customizable EMR

Tried and tested

Every day our clients are using video-driven solutions in innovative and powerful ways to improve healthcare. 

"SimCapture has been an amazing educational tool for our simulation center! The technology allows us to record course assessments and play them back so that instructors can see how well students are progressing or allow them to make improvements where needed."
- University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

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LLEAP with SimCapture

A powerful combination

LLEAP simulation software unifies the operation of all PC operated Laerdal simulators by providing a shared user interface and a cohesive simulation experience.

By integrating SimCapture with LLEAP you are in full control to plan, run and assess simulation sessions. LLEAP can be run on a PC, or on the SimPad PLUS tablet which is preferable for in-situ training.

Learn more about LLEAP

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