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Impact & Sustainability report

Learn how we're working towards achieving our goal of helping save one million lives by 2030

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Medical simulators

Everything needed to plan, operate, and scale simulation.


Simulation software
Manage, assess, and debrief simulation training.


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Manikins for high-performance CPR and community responders.

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Services & training

From on-site training to installation, maintenance, and more.





Monitor by Laerdal
The only portable simulated defibrillator, patient monitor, and ventilator solution that fully integrates with QCPR manikins. Designed to enhance realism and fidelity within your acute care and ACLS training. Customize your simulation training to meet specific learning objectives using familiar technology.


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Extends clinical skills and simulation training across genders to better prepare students for the care of diverse patients.

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SimCapture for Skills
Deliver, monitor, and track skills development from anywhere.

Customer story:

Building Seamless Teamwork Through Simulation

Westfields Hospital

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Empowering everyday heroes

In all parts of the world, Laerdal products and solutions are used by hospitals, universities, first responders, and laypeople to help save lives and improve patient outcomes.​

Empowering everyday heroes like Maria Lame, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine & Pediatrics. 

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