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Artär stick-arm set vuxen

Artär stick-arm set vuxen

Artikelnummer: 375-80001

Pris exkl. moms: 5.490,00 kr
Pris inkl. moms: 6.862,50 kr

Förväntat leveransdatum 11/10/2021

Infusible arteries designed for training the proper arterial puncture procedure for blood gas analysis
  • Simulation of hand placement during performance of Allen's test is possible
  • Flexible wrist enables proper positioning
  • Arterial pressure may be generated manually
  • Artery palpation is possible
  • Percutaneous puncture sites in both brachial and radial artery
  • Infusible arteries, with ability to pressurize system, enable blood backflow in syringe
  • Drain plug in deltoid of arm
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