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SimCapture Pro Free Trial for COVID-19 Training

SimCapture Pro Free Trial for COVID-19 Training

The definitive learning management solution for simulation with complimentary scenarios to prepare for COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain healthcare/education systems worldwide, the rapidly increasing demand for training is evident.  To assist you in preparing your staff/students, Laerdal is offering SimCapture Pro Cloud and the Pro Mobile iOS App at no charge for at least 90 days to any U.S. or Canada based healthcare/education organization.

Use the SimCapture Pro Mobile iOS App to:
• Record
• Annotate
• Debrief
• Support student self-reflection
• Center Sign-In
• Track and report

Offer details:

  • SimCapture Pro free for COVID-19 training for at-least 90 day (may be extended if crisis continues)
    • Includes Mobile iOS App, no additional hardware
    • Note: Only for using in training and not for real patient cases
  • Complimentary Scenarios from Laerdal Medical includes:
    • Suspected Uncomplicated Novel COVID-19 Infection (ARI)
    • Severe Novel COVID-19 Infection (SARI)
  • Offer available for current SimCapture On-Premise users as well as new customers
  • The SimCapture Pro Mobile iOS App does not support live streaming, simulator data integration, LLEAP data, or monitor feeds.
  • Please allow up to two business day for turn around on validating and creating an account

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<p>This free trial comes with no obligation but <a title="SimCapture terms of service" href="/us/information/simcapture-pro-free-trial-for-covid-19-training/simcapture-app-terms-of-service/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">please click here to read the terms of service that apply to use SimCapture.</a></p>
<p>We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in <a href="/us/support/customer-service/privacy-policy/" target="_blank">Laerdal's Privacy Policy</a>.</p>

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.

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